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Mavrodaphne is initially vinified in large vats exposed to the sun. Once the wine reaches a certain level of maturity, fermentation is stopped by adding distillate prepared from previous vintages. Then the Mavrodophne distillate and the wine, still containing residual sugar, is transferred to the underground cellars to complete its maturation. There it is "educated" by contact with older wine using the solera method of serial transfusions. Once aged, the wine is bottled and sold as a dessert wine under the "Mavrodaphne OPAP" designation. Mavrodaphne is a dark, almost opaque wine with a dark purple reflected color and a purple-brown transmitted color. It presents aromas and flavors of caramel, chocolate, coffee, raisins and plums. The name Mavrodaphne was given to the grape variety and the wine by Gustav Clauss, the founder of the oldest and most famous winery of Greece, Achaia Clauss. It was named after his greek fiancée, whose name was Daphne, who died young before their marriage.

Kourtaki Mavrodaphne

750 ml
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