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The Spiropoulos family has maintained close ties with vineyards and wine since the late 19th century. A witness to this relationship is the family's old winery, which is located just a few yards from the main installations in ancient Mantinia. It is estimated that this building was built around 1890 and one can notice two wine presses and underground tanks for the collection of the grape must.
The family has always owned vineyards. Of course, these vineyards provided wine only for the family and were not utilized for commercial activities. This changed, though, in the 1970s. It was then that Epaminondas Spiropoulos, guided more by his instinct and less by logic, evaluated the special conditions prevalent in the area of Mantinia for vineyard cultivation and, more importantly, realized how special the Moschofilero variety of grapes was, as well as its potential. Thus, he purchased land in the area of Artemisio of Mantinia and that is where he installed and cultivated one, if not the first, of the underpinned linear vineyards of Arcadia and Peloponnesus covering an area of approximately 12 stremata (approximately 3 acres). The vineyards grew and the family's production of grapes greatly exceeded their needs. As a logical result, the excess grapes were sold. This was, in essence, the first act that established Domaine Spiropoulos in its current form. Events followed a further course, bringing us to the middle of the '80s when the family then owned approximately 80 stremata (approx. 20 acres) of vineyards.
However, the value of Moschofilero had not yet been recognised. With very few exceptions, this variety of grape was sold at a very low price and was usually mixed with other varieties of white grapes from all parts of Greece for the improvement of plain table wines. That is when Epaminondas Spiropoulos decided, first on his own and then with his two brothers, to create Domaine Spiropoulos. Finally, the family's grapes would receive the recognition they deserved! Consequently, developments followed an upward trend and 22 years after the incorporation of the company, Domaine Spiropoulos is as we know it today. Solely a family enterprise with sales in Greece and countries in all corners of the world and, most importantly with a name in the world and the market of wine.