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Since 1919 In Mesogaia , on the eastern plains of Attica lies land blessed with the famed Savatiano vines. Surrounded by Aegean Sea, the vines are protected and nurtured through the mild winters and warm breezy summers in highly fertile soil that is ideal for the cultivation of vines. Dionysus, the patron saint of wine, resided in the nearby Temple of Artemis in Mesogaia, where the ancient methods of wine production and vine tending have been maintained for centuries. Here in the heart of the Attica plains lies the Papagiannakos Winery, the first Greek winery especially designed and built to meet innovative bioclimatic architectural standards. Set among the vines, the Winery is on the site of an old monastery and is easily accessed by the new "Attiki Odos" Motorway. Close by is the world-class Olympic Equestrian Centre where equestrian competitions and other interesting cultural events are held, the beautiful beaches of Mesogaia , and the Archaeological Site of Vravrona.
The story In the beginning of the last century, Vassilis Papagiannakos filled the first barrel. From that moment on, with the inherited passion and wisdom of ancient wine-making traditions, the Papagiannakos family rapidly gained respect and renown for the fine quality of their wine. In the 1960s, the third Papagiannakos generation melded tradition and modern wine producing methods and redefined the wine making process.
Today The third generation completed the magnificent new bioclimatic winery. This new Winery and its Wine Cellars are open to the public. Various events are held to introduce the magic process of wine production to the public.