Tekirdag Raki

100% fresh grapes, 100% Tekirdağ Raki
Tekirdağ Raki is produced from the finest aniseed and 100% fresh grapes of Turkey. With a smooth finish, moderate aniseed aroma and rich taste on the palate, it has received the admiration of raki lovers, including female consumers.
The first raki made with 100% fresh Turkish grapes with a legendary taste and never changing „premium‟ quality since its introduction in 2000, Tekirdağ Rakı appeals to raki consumers who trust their palate, look for high quality and relish life. With years of experience and expertise, Tekirdağ Rakı is made without compromise in quality with a uniqueness of being heart raki (taken from the center of the alembic) and a taste that comes from using 100% fresh grapes. Systematic quality control surveys demonstrate that Tekirdağ Rakı is the number one choice of those looking for quality.
Tekirdağ Rakı is also the primary raki preference for consumers on special occasions.
Consumption Suggestion: Drink straight or add 1/3 plain or seltzer water. Either way, it is recommended served cold; 46-50° F. Raki may be consumed as an appetizer and, in line with Turkish tradition, with hot or cold hors d’oeuvres between sip.

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