Ritinitis Retsina

Retsina is the traditional wine of Greece since antiquity. It has its own unique style due to the addition of a quantity of resin from the pine tree “Pinus Halepensis” during fermentation. Therefore, the European wine legislation has recognized it as a wine with “Traditional Appellation” that can only be produced in Greece. Though, Retsina, in the past, had been connected with bad, oxidised and resin overdosed wines that many tourists had faced during their holidays in Greece. Gaia wines decided to create a “new wave” style Retsina, RITINITIS NOBILIS, in order to redefine and reposition the quality context of the traditional wine of our country.
They produced RITINITIS NOBILIS using modern winemaking technology and by adding a very carefully calculated quantity of resin from pine tree into fermenting must from selected grapes of Roditis variety that grow on the hills surrounding Corinth in Peloponnese. The result is an elegant and refreshing wine with perfect balance between pine and grapes. RITINITIS NOBILIS is a delightful partner of Greek “mezedes” and Spanish tapas and is best enjoyed approximately 46º-50ºC.

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