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Hatziyiannis Vinsanto Santorini

Hatziyiannis Vinsanto Santorini

Visanto - White Wine Naturally Sweet Name of Origin of Superior Quality Santorini Vinsanto is the most traditional wine of Santorini. The famous sightseer of the 19th century Lois Lacroix who visited Santorini describes in his 1853 book named "Ils de la Grece" ".. No dessert wine can be compared to the white Santorini Vinsanto. It is produced by grape, which is placed in the house terraces, displayed in the sun for 15 days before it goes to the wine-press. After one year it becomes an exceptional sweet wine .." With the identical way it is produced until today the wine VINSANTO. The name of the wine, VINSANTO (vino-santo: the wine of Santorini) proves wine's unique relation with the island. The uniqueness of the wine is characteristic because this natural and early stoppage of the fermentation process is succeeded with the use of the indigenous yeast without the addition of alcohol. Characteristics: The orange-yellow color with intense brown sheen indicts us for a different kind of wine. Unfamiliar aroma, dominated by the aging, the spices, the honey and the raisin and the lemon flower secondarily. The sweet taste of the tradition is intense but is balanced with variety's acidity. A round, velvet and rich wine which tries to finesse the tongue between honey and lemon. It is served cold between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius as a dessert wine sole or accompanying fruits and cool candies.

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