About us
We are a family run business located in Astoria, N.Y. who first opened our doors in 2004. My husband Tony,& myself were raised in Astoria, and chose to raise our 3 sons Tony Jr., Billy, & Alex here as well. Together we are the heart of Omega. In 2011 we were approached with a wonderful opportunity to move our location to the famed Agora Plaza located on 31 street in Astoria. We jumped at the chance and never looked back! Nestled between our neighbors: Mediterrean Foods, Plaza Meat Market, and Artopolis Bakery, Omega soon blossomed and expanded to become a primary destination location for Greek Products, and is now known as "THE PLACE" for anything Greek, not only in N.Y., but throughout the U.S. as well. we are proud to offer hundreds of varieties of Greek wine and spirits from the traditionalist's favorite retsina, or tsipouro, to the novice wine drinker's curious request for "Santorini Whites". Chances are if you can't find it here.. Greece will have to be your next stop! Through the years many have walked in just to browse, only to walk out as friends, who love to drop by to say hi! Stop in on your next trip to Astoria to browse, and walk out a friend! yia mas! (to your health)! Irene